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How HIGH is your credit score? 540 or 720?

Call the loan department at 859-578-LOAN (5626) and tell them you want to know your credit score and want a FREE Credit Score Analysis. We will pull your credit report and show you ways you can improve your credit score so you can get lower rates saving you money!

I Love My Credit Union...

"...they are my extended family and always have my best interest at heart." J.P.

Welcome to SEMC Federal Credit Union-

Making Banking Easy

Have you ever wondered why banks don't make banking easy? Why does it take a credit union to make "banking" easy for hard working people like you? At SEMC FCU we do our very best to make "banking" easy. We work with you, not against you, to meet your financial needs and make the process as easy as possible. We don't fee people to death and the fees we do charge are some of the lowest in the industry. Stop doing things the hard way, join the SEMC family today!