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SEMC Platinum VISA Credit Card



Compare, and you will see why we believe this is the best credit card in town!

  • Pay NO annual fee
  • Pay NO cash advance fee
  • Can access your account FREE 24/7 online through
  • Can take advantage of Verified by Visa for added peace of mind
  • Have NO "default rate" to contend with (if you are late with a payment with our card you simply pay the penalty fee along with your payment, your card rate does not change!)
  • May make your monthly payments on-line with, by mail, or in person at SEMC-FCU
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • May report a lost or stolen card 24/7

Lost or Stolen Card? Contact VISA as soon as possible to report a lost or stolen credit card: 1-800-991-4964

For general information about your VISA card, you may call the credit union during business hours at: 859-578-5600 or after business hours at 1-800-808-7230.

To Dispute a charge, call 1-800-600-5249

I Love My Credit Union...

"...they are my extended family and always have my best interest at heart." J.P.