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Borrowing Opportunities

The Credit Union offers a variety of loans with low rates, fast service, payroll deduction, automatic payments (ACH) and the convenience of pre-approval.

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New & Used Vehicle Loans

If you are considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, come into the credit union and get pre-approved today. There are NO application fees. Once you are approved, the loan officer can give you a letter of credit to take to the dealership. You can then shop worry free at the dealership, knowing you have already qualified for a loan.

Get GAP and/or Payment Protection for your Auto Loan...It Pays!

Guaranteed Auto Protection will cover the difference between your loan/lease payoff and your primary insurance company settlement should your automobile be stolen or damaged and is a loss. Contact a loan officer for complete details.

Payment Protection will cover your loan if you were to die or if you are out of work, under doctors care for more than 15 days. Talk to an SEMC Loan Specialist for complete details.

Yes, we have Warranty’s to protect your investment.

When buying any vehicle, there is always a chance of having a mechanical breakdown. However, you will have peace of mind knowing that most problems can be taken care of with an extended service contract. This service is now available from the SEMC FCU loan department.




Mortgage Loans

The Credit Union offers first and second mortgages. Contact one of our loan officers for rates and information.

First Mortgage Loans

Purchasing a home or refinancing your existing home mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make. SEMC FCU is dedicated to identifying the best loan product with the most beneficial terms to suit your mortgage situation.

We can take your application by phone at 859-578-LOAN (5626). SEMC FCU is totally committed to quality service, integrity and professionalism throughout your mortgage process, reaching a level of excellence and customer satisfaction that you'll truly appreciate. At SEMC FCU, we strive to make your entire mortgage experience...EASY!

Home Equity Loans

Enjoy Your Home for all it's Worth.

With every mortgage payment you make, you are building equity in your home. Why not use it? A home equity loan, like a credit card, gives you a pre-determined borrowing limit and allows you to access your money when you need it. Home equity loans can usually provide you access to larger sums of money, for longer terms and at lower interest rates compared to other types of loans. In most cases your interest is tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).


  • Consolidate Higher Interest Debt
  • Home Improvements
  • Dream Vacation
  • College Education
  • New Furniture or Appliances
  • ...just to name a few

Home Equity Alternatives

  • Consider a home equity loan as an alternative to refinancing your mortgage
  • Avoid closing costs and other processing fees
  • Less paperwork and Hassle
  • Make your loan payment at SEMC
  • We offer both an 80% and 90% loan-to-value option

$ 100,000.00   Appraised Value of Property x 90% 90% Loan-to-Value Ratio
$   90,000.00   Adjusted Property Value
$   90,000.00   90% Appraised Value of Property
-  $60,000.00   First Mortgage Outstanding
$   30,000.00  Approximate Equity for Your Home Equity Loan

Variable Rate Line of Credit

  • Convenient home equity checks
  • Draw period is five years from date opened
  • Annual percentage rate may vary, up to a maximum of 12%
  • Rate is based on credit score and available equity (see above example)

Fixed Rate Closed End 2nd Mortgage

  • One time draw
  • Late charges are assessed on payments over 15 days late

You've put time and money into making your house a home. Now it's time to let your home give you something back!

Home Equity disclosure



We offer a wide variety of low-interest loan solutions designed to meet your personal borrowing needs. Our competitive rates and flexible repayment terms can help stretch the purchasing power of your hard-earned money.

Whether you are looking for some money to help purchase that new state-of-the-art computer, a gift for someone special or a once in a lifetime vacation, give us a call. One of our loan officers will do everything they can to help make your wishes come true.



Recreational Loans

Whatever your recreational pursuits may be, if you need some financial assistance, call SEMC Federal Credit Union. Every year we help our members enjoy boating, camping, hiking, traveling and sports of every kind with a credit union loan.

Don't just sit there and dream, talk to one of our loan officers and let them help you make your dreams come true. Begin enjoying the great outdoors today with a loan from your credit union.

Share Secured

Share Secure Loans

You have a need or a want. The problem is you cannot make up your mind whether you should pay cash by taking the money out of your share (savings) account or borrow the money. If you find yourself in this situation, you might want to consider a Share Secured Loan from your credit union.

We offer these loans at very special rates and terms. It's a great way to meet your needs without depleting your savings.

I Love My Credit Union...

"...they are my extended family and always have my best interest at heart." J.P.