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Members to visit SEMC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION's website and SEMC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION's online banking site will remain anonymous. We do not collect personal identifying information about members from our site.

Our servers collect standard non-identifying information about visits to our site, such as date and time visited, IP address, city, state, and country. This information is used to compile standard statistics on site usage.

If you have provided identifying information via e-mail (e.g., name and address), the information will only be used to communicate with you to handle your request. It is not sold or transferred to other parties.

SEMC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION is committed to protecting your privacy.

In addition, if you link to another site from any of our pages, you are leaving our site pages, and we cannot be held responsible for any information that may be gathered at a linked site. We make every effort, however, to ensure that all linked sites follow similar privacy policies as ours to offer you maximum security and privacy.

SEMC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION is not responsible for the content or availability of sites linked to our home page. We take reasonable precautions to assure that any site you link to from our home page respects your right to privacy; however, we cannot guarantee it. Please check sites for certification before submitting confidential information.

Our affiliates include: St. Elizabeth Healthcare, NCUA, and Liberty Mutual

I Love My Credit Union...

"...they are my extended family and always have my best interest at heart." J.P.

Welcome to SEMC Federal Credit Union-

Making Banking Easy

Have you ever wondered why banks don't make banking easy? Why does it take a credit union to make "banking" easy for hard working people like you? At SEMC FCU we do our very best to make "banking" easy. We work with you, not against you, to meet your financial needs and make the process as easy as possible. We don't fee people to death and the fees we do charge are some of the lowest in the industry. Stop doing things the hard way, join the SEMC family today!