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Payroll Deduction

Would you like to see your money grow quickly and with no effort on your part? Sign up now for payroll deduction or direct deposit. Your money will go into your savings or checking account from your paycheck. No filling out deposit slips each week, no special trips to the credit union - no worrying about getting your check cashed. It will be done for you and you will be pleasantly surprised at watching your accounts grow each week.

This is also a convenient and easy way to make loan payments. The money is automatically credited to your accounts on payday. We can even set up payments on your Visa account. Just stop by or call for more information.

Need to have your employer set up direct deposit or payroll deduction to your SEMC Federal Credit Union Account? Then complete the form below and send or fax to your credit union office. Please call the credit union for any questions.


I Love My Credit Union...

"...they are my extended family and always have my best interest at heart." J.P.

Welcome to SEMC Federal Credit Union-

Making Banking Easy

Have you ever wondered why banks don't make banking easy? Why does it take a credit union to make "banking" easy for hard working people like you? At SEMC FCU we do our very best to make "banking" easy. We work with you, not against you, to meet your financial needs and make the process as easy as possible. We don't fee people to death and the fees we do charge are some of the lowest in the industry. Stop doing things the hard way, join the SEMC family today!