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SEMC FCU - Web Pay Plus

Your Bill Pay at SEMC FCU is new and improved!

To access your new Bill Pay Plus account, please sign into your online banking account and click the link for 'Bill Pay'.

You now have one sign on for your online banking and bill pay Your SEMC FCU Bill pay will be no cost to you as long as you use it at least one time every 60 days, otherwise you will be charged $5.95 per month.
There are many new enhancements with this new Bill Pay such as single sign on, better security, and faster payments with electronic transfers.

You must have a checking account at the credit union and be a member in good standing in order to qualify for Bill Pay Plus.

If you should have any questions about signing up for bill pay, please contact the credit union directly at 859-578-5600.

If you are a current Bill Pay Plus member and have questions about your payments, please call our Bill Pay customer service number at 877-308-0250.


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Have you ever wondered why banks don't make banking easy? Why does it take a credit union to make "banking" easy for hard working people like you? At SEMC FCU we do our very best to make "banking" easy. We work with you, not against you, to meet your financial needs and make the process as easy as possible. We don't fee people to death and the fees we do charge are some of the lowest in the industry. Stop doing things the hard way, join the SEMC family today!